Stay Green With Your Next Office Move


You've developed a reputation with your customers as an ecologically-conscious company. There is no reason to throw that out the window with your next office move. Reusable and recyclable products can make your relocation a green one. It starts with looking for a moving company that supports the following products and will help you keep your green reputation.

Packing Boxes

One option is to find professional movers that uses plastic boxes. These are normally rugged containers with a lid that snaps shut to protect the contents. They are delivered to your office for your staff to fill and label. Once your staff has unpacked them at the destination, the mover picks them up for use with another customer.

Some movers offer reusable cardboard boxes. Like the plastic boxes, these will be used with multiple customers until they no longer work. They will then recycle the cardboard.

A final option is to use cardboard boxes that are made of post-consumer waste (PCW). Use these for the office move then keep them for storing documents. The PCW packing boxes can't be recycled so get as much use out of them as you can before throwing them away.

Packing Materials

A variety of products are available to wrap and cushion items before packing that are recycled or reusable. Stock up on these before your next corporate move:

  • Wrapping paper - Plain brown wrapping paper that is made from PCW can be recycled unlike the packing boxes. It comes in sheets or rolls of various sizes. Note that any coated wrapping paper cannot be recycled.
  • Foam packing material - Most foam products cannot be recycled. A strong and lightweight material made of bamboo is available that can be recycled. Another unique cushioning product is made of mushroom roots and PCW. This product can be used to cushion large items, such as computer equipment, and then thrown into a landfill where it will decompose. A product made of wheat straw and paper pulp can be used to pad large items for moving and it can be reused several times.
  • Packing peanuts - Biodegradable packing peanuts are available to fill containers holding items for shipment. While they are part of green moving, they are messy to work with. Try to use materials that come in sheets or rolls first to avoid digging packing peanuts out of your office items at the destination.
  • Bubble wrap - Bubble wrap made from biodegradable materials is available. This can be reused and if undamaged, some movers will buy back sheets of it to use with other customers.

There are enough products available to make your office move eco-friendly. With a little planning and searching for the right materials, your company can keep its green reputation. To learn more, contact a company like Midway Moving & Storage with any questions or concerns you have.


30 January 2015

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