Create A Serenity Garden In Your Home's Yard

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If you want to bring a serene spot or tranquil garden area to your home or property, you may be able to create a living canopy of carefully-selected plants to provide a restful and beautiful space. The hanging, climbing, and weeping plants, vines, and trees, will make a quiet, obscured spot that is ideal for lounging, conversing, or relaxing.

Create your own serenity garden with the following tips:


Vines help to provide the obscurity and privacy in your serenity garden. When mature and thick, they will protect from the wind or elements while bringing a mysterious aura to your space. Consider these vines for use in your serenity garden spot:

  • Wisteria is a weeping vine that will hang around your garden displaying fragrant, purple flowers.

  • The trumpet flower vine is perfect for bringing color to your garden space, with vibrant orange flowers along a thick, hardy vine.

  • Ground Clematis offers homeowners a thick cover for their garden, with thick, entwined clusters of small white blossoms.


Climbing plants help to fill in the spaces around your garden's perimeter, and may require a fence, trellis, or other foundation to climb and grow. Some easy-to-grow climbing plants include German Primrose, Coral Bells, and Lily Turf. Start climbers out with wooden stakes to provide a stable support until they mature.


Add patches of colorful ground-cover that will "carpet" your serenity garden and provide visual interest. It is important to select plants that do well with minimal sun, as these may be shielded by your trees, vines, and climbers in the space. Some great options include Bugle Weed, Rock Rose, and Gazania hybrids.


Lay-out and configure your serenity garden so that the vines and climbers provide living walls for the space, while using Boxwood or other shrubbery to border your garden. Consider using pavers to create a stable foundation for your furniture or a dining set, as well as to mark the path to your serenity garden space. Add clusters of perennials near the entrance to the garden where they will receive a bit more sunlight, such as Iris, Phlox, and Dahlias.

Adding a serene and tranquil feature to the yard will bring many hours of joy to those living in the dwelling, while adding a space that is perfect for dining, entertaining, and relaxing. Consider adding a serenity garden to your property, and enjoy the privacy, protection, and pleasure that these spaces provide. Talk to your local landscape expert for more information.


25 February 2015

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