3 Ways Self Storage Can Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

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Springs is on the way and you might have found yourself smitten with spring fever. When cleaning up the house this spring, consider renting out a self storage unit. It can help the process move along rather swimmingly and get you back on track for the normal life. So, how can self storage help you through the seasonal changes?

Rotate Out Your Seasonal Stuff

This is where self storage really shines. With a self storage unit you can hurry all that cold weather clothing and such that you don't need anymore. With a little planning, you can rotate out your seasonal stuff, maximizing the amount of space you have in your home at all times. Don't worry either, a lot of self storage units are climate controlled, making sure your stuff stays safe all season long. It also helps to keep a list of everything you put in storage, that way you don't forget anything while you're switching out seasonal items.

Store Items You Just Don't Have the Space For

This applies to big ticket items, like furniture or old keepsakes that you don't want to part with, but would really like out of your home. You can also use this as a prime opportunity to rearrange the house as you can take furniture in and out of your house as needed until you reach just the perfect arrangement. Once again, you can have peace of mind for your important belongings as most self storage units come with a security plan as well.

Low Commitment Storage

Say you only want to temporarily store some of your things while you spruce up the house. Maybe you have an attic where you can store your belongings, but you need to get all your warm clothes and spring stuff from the attic first. You can rent a unit on a very temporary basis as a place to store your winter clothes until your attic is free of space. That way your home doesn't get cluttered with everything being out at once. This way you keep a clean house, without making making a long term commitment or breaking your budget.

So as you can see, a self storage unit is the perfect thing for all your spring cleaning needs. Whether you need a temporary space or a more permanent storage location it definitely can help make spring cleaning really simple.



20 March 2015

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