How To Improve The Insulation In Your Attic

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If you want to keep your home warmer in the winter, and lower your heating costs too, the first place to start is the attic. Proper insulation will keep cold air out and keep your living space much warmer. Here are some tips for improving your attic insulation.

Check Old Insulation

If you have rolls of insulation on the floor, check to see if they are compressed, wet, or moldy. If so, you should remove the old insulation before you install new material. However, if the insulation in your home is several decades old, it could contain asbestos. If you aren't sure, hire an insulation contractor to clean out the old insulation and replace it with modern materials.

Clear Out The Attic

If you use your attic as a storeroom, you won't be able to insulate it as well. If you move the old furniture and clothes to another part of your house, you can lift up the floor and pile the insulation higher. You just have to be careful you don't pile the insulation all the way to the ceiling if you have a small attic. Air needs to circulate through the space, so if you don't have much headroom in your attic, you may want to attach foam baffles to the ceiling. The baffles keep the insulation from pressing against the ceiling, so air can circulate freely.

Seal Leaks

Before you install the main insulation, seal up all the leaks in your attic. Use canned spray foam to plug leaks around the windows, vents, and pipes. The foam will conform to any shape and harden in place to create a complete seal. If your roof has any leaks, be sure to fix them before you invest in new insulation, because insulation has to be kept dry or it will be ruined.

Choose Insulation Type

You can apply blanket insulation, blown attic insulation, and foam. Blanket insulation is the easiest to install as a DIY project, but blown and foam are more energy efficient since they can fill nooks and crannies in your attic. Installing blown and foam insulation requires specialized equipment and safety precautions. Insulation contractors can do those jobs quickly and safely using commercial equipment.

Remember to keep safety in mind if you decide to install insulation yourself, or even when you go to your attic to inspect it. It's best to put plywood on the floor to walk on since you can lose your balance walking on the joists. You might get hurt if you fall, and even worse, you could crash through the ceiling and cause costly damage that will need to be repaired.

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6 May 2015

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