2 Ways To Keep Weeds From Overtaking Your Outdoor Space

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As a new homeowner, dealing with weeds can be frustrating. In addition to worrying about the landscaping mess left behind by the previous homeowners, you might also worry about the message your yard could be sending to your friends and neighbors. However, you don't have to let a few dandelions destroy your Saturday morning. Here are two ways you might be able to keep those weeds from overtaking your outdoors space:

1: A Landscaping Torch

Nothing is worse than watching unsightly weeds pop up between cracks in stone retaining walls, driveways, and pavers. Unfortunately, unless you want to spend hours digging away weeds with pointy garden trowels, it can be hard to eradicate those unsightly plants. Fortunately, you can make short work of those weeds by renting a landscaping torch.

Landscaping torches are safe to use around stone surfaces that won't be damaged by heat, like concrete, stone, and marble. By simply blasting those weeds for a few seconds with a flame, they will be reduced to ash before your eyes. If you think that using a landscaping torch sounds like it would work for you, remember that exercising fire safety is crucial. Keep a running hose nearby to put out any fires that might spark, and don't let small children—who can be unpredictable—watch you work.

2: Landscaping Cloth

Those bags of garden mulch or landscaping stones might make your flowerbeds look incredible, but if you don't cover up the soil, tiny weeds can pop up anywhere. If they take root and seed, a few small weeds could create a large weed problem in the middle of your landscaping.

However, by covering the ground with landscaping cloth beforehand, weeds won't be able to poke through and destroy the effect that you spent so much time to create. If you are worried about landscaping cloth looking obvious, you shouldn't be. Landscaping fabric is available in different shades, so that you can make that fabric blend in with that black mulch or tan landscaping stones. After landscaping cloth is placed, it can be held in place with long spikes, the weight of the mulch or groundcover, or nearby landscaping stones.

Keep in mind that landscaping cloth can deteriorate over time, and might need to be replaced. Before the season begins each year, take the time to unbury part of your cloth to check on its status. 

It might seem like a lot of extra work, but focusing on weed control can make your yard look incredible and save you time down the road. For more information, contact companies like Snyder's Weed Control


18 June 2015

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