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If you have a contemporary home, you'd probably like your landscaping to be in a similar style. However, without going full industrial, it's hard to know what modern landscaping should look like. Just like with contemporary architecture, modern landscaping should showcase clean lines, often with a nod toward Asian gardens. Design your landscaping with sophisticated style to blend with your contemporary home.

Select Geometric Plants

Contemporary design is all about lines and shapes. According to the Landscaping Network, the following plants work well in a modern landscape:

  • Aeonium: This succulent grows low to the ground and features geometric rosettes. Aeonium is a great groundcover plant.
  • Blue fescue: Round mounds feature sharp stalks of blueish grass. Blue fescue works well as filler and along the border.
  • Kangaroo paws: This sculptural plant is an excellent way to add color to your garden. The green stalks bloom with yellow, orange, red or purple blooms.

Agave is a succulent that comes in many varieties. The agave "Americana" offers great triangular leaves reaching as high as six feet. Agave "desert diamond" grows only 15 inches tall but features variegated leaves topped with red points.  Agave "J.C. Raulston" features a meaty pistil that grows up to two feet. Any of these architectural agave plants can serve as a centerpiece of your garden.

Choose a Dominant Color

If you're using an agave as your landscape centerpiece, draw color inspiration from its leaves. Let all your plants be some version of the colors found in that plant. For instance, the "Americana" is a cool gray-green. Use this as the dominant color palette for your garden with just a few hints of other colors, perhaps from a small selection of blue fescue mounds or well-placed kangaroo paws.

Utilize Hardscaping

Hardscape is another clear area in which clean lines and geometric patterns come through. Likewise, hardscape elements such as paths, a retaining wall or borders are a great place to play up the industrial feel of modern design. For instance, consider using a concrete planter as a border. Likewise, use square pavers to create a straight path through your garden. Well-placed hardscaping gives your garden the modern edge that makes it distinctive.

Finish with Appropriate Furnishings

Clean lines and geometry should be the order of the day for your outdoor furniture as well. In fact, you furnishings should be arranged in a very orderly fashion. Choose simple pieces with muted colors, and place them in regular patterns. For instance, place square-backed chairs around a circular table and top with a cone-shaped umbrella. Avoid using furniture with scrolls or other fancy embellishment.

A modern landscape showcases the beauty of simplicity in design. You can look for more information by contacting a company like Superior Lawn and Landscape.


24 August 2015

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