2 High Tech Features To Look For In Your New Gate Opener

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If you have an old gate opener and are looking to upgrade, or you are installing a new gate, then you may not know what features to look for in your new gate opener. Gate-opener technology has come a long way in recent years, and there are great features that can make your life easier and make you feel more secure that your home is protected whether you are inside of it or now. Here are two features to consider when you want a gate opener that makes your life more convenient and saves you cash. 

1. Internet Connectivity

It may sound strange at first, but a gate that has internet connectivity can make your life easier. A gate without this connection can only open when you are close enough to your home that your remote can trigger the gate sensor or you open it manually. This can lead to inconvenience when you are away from home and need to open your gate for a family member who needs to pop into your home unexpectedly or when you are out of town on vacation and someone needs to drop by to check on your home or feed a pet. 

When your new gate is connected to the internet, you can download an app on your smartphone or computer tablet that allows you to control your gate from anywhere, even when you are far from home (yes, even thousands of miles away!). That means you can open it when a trusted guest drops buy when you are away from home and close it when they leave your home if they forget. You can typically also log in to check the status of your gate to make sure it is closed when it is supposed to be. This can help increase your peace-of-mind when away from home and you want to make sure your teenagers or other house-mates have not been forgetting to keep that gate shut. 

2. Solar Power

If you don't live in the deep south of the US or another sunny locale, then you may not think that a solar-powered gate opener is for you. However, solar-powered gates don't have to rely on the sun alone for power. They instead have batteries that are connected to both the electrical system of your home and small, discreet solar panels. During the day, the sunlight your panels receive will charge the battery and allow the gate opener to use this energy only when it is enough. 

When cloudy, dreary weather strikes for a period of time that leads to less available solar power, then your gate opener battery will automatically draw energy from your home electrical system. This is a great feature that not only allows you to save money on the energy needed to operate your gate, but also makes 30-percent of the cost of your gate-opener tax deductible under the US Department of Energy's consumer energy efficiency tax credit program

If you are purchasing your first gate opener or the time has come for a new one from a company like Perimeter Security Systems, then be sure to take advantage of one or both of these great features you may not have known about. 


15 October 2015

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