Security Systems Can Work With Your Computer Systems


If you've ever seen commercials for any of the major security companies, you may have seen the cameras and detection devices offered as part of their security plans. Depending on the level of service you choose, different pieces of equipment and monitoring techniques are available. In addition to the standard security offered by the security professionals, take a look at a few things you can do to enhance security with personalized recording and reviewing.

Connecting Security Systems To Computers

Modern surveillance cameras are not very different from other video cameras in basic functions. There are more advanced security features such as a more sturdy chassis, night vision, reinforcing cabling and other techniques, but the standard connections aren't foreign to computers.

Some cameras use connections already in use by computers and televisions, such as the HDMI cable made popular for High Definition (HD) TV or DVI used for HD computer monitors. If the surveillance camera doesn't use either of those video connectors, there are adapters available to make the connection fit.

One big security risk when adding additional cables or moving cables to the computer is that the security company can't verify the safety of the cable if they can't inspect the setup. Security cameras are installed with strong, protected cables that can't be easily cut or unplugged without risking detection. If you simply remove these cables and connect them to your computer, an intruder with computer knowledge can simply unplug the camera.

Be sure to check with the security company before making any changes. In some cases, a simple solution would be for the security team to add a splitter behind their security. The splitter allows another set of cables that can be connected to your computer system without compromising the original cables.

Recording and Broadcasting Security Footage

Once the surveillance camera is attached to the computer, it functions much like a standard webcam. Like a mouse or a keyboard, it's just an input device that can be picked up and understood as long as it's connected with the proper cable.

There are a variety of camera programs available for the major computer operating systems. You can record surveillance video and store the information on your computer for review at any time, or watch your cameras live. There's even a few advanced pieces of software that will create alerts when certain patterns are observed, such as movement of persons or animals.

You can also broadcast your video signal on the Internet. Just like any video website, your security footage can be used as a channel for others to view. You can even create a live feed of your security footage using live streaming websites so that anyone can view your footage. Be careful, since a camera pointing in more private parts of the home could expose your personal life to the world wide web!

Contact a security service, such as Maffey's Security Group, to discuss security system features and ways to use your computer for advanced security techniques.  


24 December 2015

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