Creative Drapery Treatment Ideas

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If you just moved into a new home or want to freshen up a room or two in your current house, you can make a big impact with drapery treatments. You don't have to spend a lot of money on the treatments, or even replace the ones you have. You can transform basic, inexpensive draperies into boutique-worthy ones using a few simple, crafty techniques. 

Here are some ideas for designing the drapery treatments of your dreams:

1. Dreamy Paper Valances 

Create the look of a fluffy valance at the top of your drapery treatments using the pages of an old book. This technique is ideal to use with soft, off-white draperies to give any room a romantic, shabby-chic look.

Start by tearing the pages out of a book or even a dictionary that you no longer want. If you have to use multiple books to complete the project, make sure the pages are the same size. Start stringing the pages onto a piece of satin or grosgrain ribbon or heavy-duty fishing line, bunching them up as you go to create a full look. 

If you're using a ribbon, secure the ends with bows as a sweet, charming touch. 

2. Decorative Trim 

Treat your draperies to decorative trim to create a whole new look in a matter of minutes. You can use a variety of thing to create the trim, such as wide ribbon or fabric scraps. Simply measure the length around each drapery side and cut the ribbon or fabric to fit, making sure to angle the corners so that the pieces fit together.

Use a sewing machine or fabric glue to attach the trim around the edges of the treatments. 

3. Inspired Tie-backs

Decorative tie-backs are another easy way to elevate the look of your drapery treatments quickly. Replacing boring tie-backs with eye-catching ones is most likely cheaper than buying new draperies.

If a room has a vintage-inspired decor style and airy, flowing draperies in lightweight fabrics, choose tie-backs featuring elegant glass knobs. You can also use antique door knobs with crystal handles as tie-backs. Other ideas include strands of faux pearls or even simple satin ribbons.

For a more modern appeal, go with simple and streamlined gold, silver or black wrought iron tie-backs. 

Nautical rope, twine, or even old leather belts make rustic drapery tie-backs in casual-inspired rooms. These ideas work best with sturdy treatments made out of heavy-duty cotton or twill. Look for more inspiration online, such as at


16 February 2016

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