Tips For Protecting Your Blinds From Cats

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Blinds, especially metal mini-blinds, can be a tempting target for any cat. It begins with a paw inserted between them to peek outside. It's often followed up by a discovery of the pleasant crinkling of the blinds as they are bent, or perhaps your cat prefers the sensation of chewing on them. Before you know it, the blinds are askew, bent, and covered in teeth marks. Fortunately, there are ways to have blinds and cats in your home, coexisting in harmony. The following tips can help. 

Tip #1: Raise the blinds and maintain privacy

A simple pull of the cord will provide your cat with the few inches they need to access the window sill. If you are worried that this will let people see into your home, you can install a tension rod just below where the blinds are open to. Then, hang a short cafe curtain or fabric valance from the rod. Cats can easily slip under the curtain and they won't bother the blinds above.

Tip #2: Switch to vertical blinds

Horizontal blinds are usually the target for your cat's shenanigans while vertical blinds are safe. This is for a couple of reasons – they are easy to slip between and they are often coated in fabric or made of thicker plastic, so they aren't as enjoyable to chew on. Just make sure that the ones you choose don't have a chain or cord linking them along the bottom since this could trip up your cat. 

Tip #3: Try alternative blind materials

If you are shopping for new window coverings and you want blinds, skip the thin plastic or metal mini-blinds. Instead, opt for the heavy wood or vinyl slat style blinds. Not only do these provide a more finished look to the windows, they are also much more difficult for a cat to damage. Even better, these blind slats usually slide out, which means you can easily replace any slat that does become broken.

Tip #4: Secure the cords

Another issue on blinds of any type are the cords. Purchasing hidden cord models is the best way to avoid cats chewing and playing with the cords. These cords are secured in a box or cover so your cat can't reach them. Another option if you already have blinds with exposed cords is to purchase a blind cleat. This is a device that you wrap the cords around so they are out of your cat's reach.

For more help, contact a blind and window cover dealer (such as one from House Of Drapery) in your area.


17 May 2016

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