The Water Is So Murky! Four Crazy Tricks To Keep Your Pool Clean

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As a pool owner, you always do the basics to keep your pool clean. All that skimming and vacuuming and checking pH levels can get tiring. With all of the maintenance a pool requires, when are you going to be able to even take a quick dip? It seems like you're spending all of your time caring for a pool you don't get to enjoy. There are easier ways to ensure your pool maintains a level of cleanliness so you can take a break. Below are just a few niffy tricks that will keep your pool clean and fresh all season long.


Skimmers are important when fishing out debris like insects and fallen leaves from your pool, but what do you do with the debris left behind? The answer is simple: old pantyhose. If you have stockings laying around that you don't use anymore, you can use them to make your skimmer work even harder. Tie the pantyhose around the basket of your skimmer. The hard-to-get debris will stick to the material of the pantyhose. The debris won't sneak through the material because the holes are so small.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used for practically everything around the house and that includes your pool. Not only will this ingredient help to keep your pool clean naturally, it will also keep the pH levels in your pool balanced. Baking soda is a great alkaline source, so it will keep your pool at safe pH levels. It is also great at protecting your pool against the growth of algae.

Tennis Balls

Grime can buildup in your pool in an instant. Body oils, makeup, sunscreen and hair products accumulates and makes your pool get dirtier faster. Toss a few tennis balls in your pool to cut down on the dirt and grime buildup. The material on the tennis balls will catch all the oils, leaving the water in your pool clean and clear.


Bugs are drawn to your pool, especially during the summertime. With high temperatures, insects look for water to cool down with. These pesky insects will not only bug you while you're trying to relax by your pool, they will add to the debris in your pool when they die. Plant lemongrass around the area of your pool. Bugs hate the smell of lemongrass because the skin is full of citronella. Citronella is very potent and will keep the flying bugs at bay and away from you and your pool guests.

You try to do everything you can to keep your pool clean and spa, but you can't spend all of your time on it. By using these niffy tricks, you can ensure your pool is clean and stays clean while you enjoy some much needed relaxation in your pool.


27 July 2016

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