Keep Your Patio Comfortable All Year Long

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You have a lovely patio, and you want to use it, right? You don't want a little rain or sun – even light snow – to decrease your outdoor living enjoyment. The key is to transform at least part of your patio into an outdoor lounge without sacrificing the open freedom you value.

Install a Patio Louver

The first step to creating your adaptable outdoor room is having a patio louver system installed. Contractors install the system just above the gutter with enough clearance for the louvers to move. The louvers operate mechanically to open and close – you can even choose a solar option to save energy. The louvers interlock, so they can protect you from the rain then channel the water into your gutter. When the sun is shining, you can open or close them according to how much light you want. A patio louver system is ideal for outdoor kitchen and dining areas.

Add a Fan

Part of the charm of an outdoor room is having the air move around you. However, when the louvers are closed to shield you from the sun, you may not get the benefit of the breeze. Depending on the dimensions of the patio louver system you have installed, you may want to add a ceiling fan. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, the inclusion of a ceiling fan can drop the temperature as much as 10 degrees. The magazine also suggests choosing a ceiling fan with a light for added illumination in the evening.

Plant Container Trees

Landscaping is an ideal method for transitioning between the outdoors and indoors. Your semi-covered patio should feel like a comfortable outdoor room. To promote that ambiance, consider planting container trees or large plants. They can be used as a boundary for your patio to make it feel more secluded. You can also use a collection of trees and large plants at one end if it receives a lot of sun. Certain species of figs, dwarf citrus, pines, and junipers all grow well in containers. For large plants, consider bamboo, bird of paradise, and any large, leafy house plant.

Include a Fire Pit

Sun and rain aren't the only elements that can spoil your outdoor lifestyle. You'll want to keep warm well into the evening and during cold months. A fire pit answers that desire. The size and configuration of your fire pit depends on your patio space. They range from portable tabletop varieties to large, built-in structures made of stone. You can always choose something in the middle – a good-sized, portable pit made of metal or concrete. Such a fire pit affords you the flexibility of moving it during the hot months.

Transform your patio into a cozy but adaptable outdoor room.


21 September 2016

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