Tips For Successfully Hanging Large Wall Art

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If you just purchased a new large art piece to hang on a wall in your home, then it is important that you hang it correctly. Incorrectly hung wall art will look strange and can even be a health hazard if it falls off of the wall and hits someone. To this end, follow these time-tested tips to successfully hang your large wall art piece so it will look wonderful and be safely hung:

Tip: Make a Quick Newspaper Template

Since your large artwork is likely heavy and bulky to handle, moving it around on the wall to find just the right hanging location can be awkward. Instead, you should lay the art piece on top of some sheets of newspaper or crafting paper and cut out a template that you can use on the wall. When you are finding the exact location for your artwork, place the template up against the wall and move that around. Once you find the precise location to place the art itself, then you can mark the wall with a pencil and dispose of the template. 

Tip: Locate the Middle of Your Art Piece and Place that at Eye Level

To make a large piece of art appear neither too high nor too low on the wall, you must place its center at your eye level. You can easily accomplish this by folding your paper template in half and marking the center. As you hold it on the wall, have a helper watch you move it around until the center is at their eye level. If you do not have someone who can help you, then you can measure your eye level from the floor and mark that on the wall. This is the best height to hang all works of art and pictures on a wall.

Tip: Hang Large Art Pieces with an Expanding Bolt

Finally, you cannot hang large or heavy art on your home's walls without using an expanding bolt. You need to locate a wooden stud in the wall and then drill the expanding bolt into the stud. If you need help finding the stud, you can purchase an inexpensive stud finding machine at your local hardware store. If your art piece is very heavy, then you may need to install multiple expanding bolts into the wall and use wires to hang the art safely on the wall. This is especially important in areas such as California where earthquakes are frequent. 


17 October 2016

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