3 Cool Uses For Industrial Truck Tarps In Your Garden

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If you are like most people, you would pass by an industrial truck tarp at an industrial supply store and never give the item a second thought for its usefulness. However, if you are the homeowner who is constantly messing around in your garden or with your landscape, this one seemingly ordinary object could completely change your green-thumb efforts. So before you pass up that industrial truck tarp without recognition, you should check out these three useful ideas for your garden.  

Shield young and immature plants from heavy sun right after planting. 

Those tender young seedlings you just planted may need sun, but chances are full sun will leave them withered and unable to thrive. If you have issues with the sun dehydrating your new plants before they mature, try using a heavy truck tarp as a shielding barrier from the sun. These tarps are created with dense mesh designed to allow airflow through and keep product in. Therefore, a lot of that hot sunlight will be filtered out if you stretch the tarp over your new plantlife in the garden.

Route moisture to thirsty plants. 

Most truck tarps are perforated, which means some moisture may slip through. However, for the most part, these things are heavily water resilient and make excellent tools for irrigation. Stretch out the tarp on a sloped area of your garden to direct the rainfall to plants that need a little more moisture. The ground beneath will still get minimal moisture through the mesh, but the most of the water will travel along the tarp to a new destination where it is more needed. 

Create a seasonal shady spot in a flower garden for sitting. 

If you enjoy sitting amid your pansies and roses, you may already have a sitting area lined out in your garden. To make the spot even more of a joy to use, you could use a truck tarp to create a makeshift canopy to keep you mostly shaded from the sun. Simply attach the tarp to posts using screws and bury the posts in the ground or string up the tarp between tree branches.

Protect your garden from birds and animals. 

Birds and hungry critters can be a major nuisance in a sprouting garden. Use a truck tarp to create a canopy over your garden area and you will have much less of an issue with veggies getting stolen and fruits being nibbled on by birds. You can create a perimeter guard by stretching the tarp horizontally between posts as well. 

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1 December 2016

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