Protect Leather Throw Pillows From Water and Other Liquids

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A leather couch with leather-covered throw pillows looks elegant, but it can get dirty just like any other material. Leather is not that hard to clean, but the cleaning methods you have to use are definitely different from those you'd use on cloth. The biggest issue is that leather and water (or other liquids) really don't mix, which means that if you have to clean up a spill on that leather, you have to be very careful.

Leather Dye Can Bleed

One problem is that leather dye can bleed or run. Oddly, this phenomenon gets worse if you wear leather clothing while sitting on a leather couch and are sweating; the dye from one set of leather can bleed onto the other leather. Leather can be surprisingly absorbent of oils and dyes. But sweat isn't the only issue. Plain water can make the dye run as well. You have to be sure you don't sit on the couch with wet hair, for example, as placing that wet hair on one of the pillows can lead to a mess.

Damp vs. Wet Makes a Difference

It does make a difference whether something is mildly damp or actually wet. An example would be a cleaning cloth that you've dipped in water. That cloth, even squeezed out, is likely too wet to be used safely on a leather pillowcase. But if the cloth is merely damp, you can use it to gently wipe away things like spilled food. Remember to use distilled water so that you don't have minerals in the water that can leave spots.

The Interior Must Stay Dry

Say you spill some water on the pillow and wipe it up immediately, and you see that the coloring of the leather looks okay. It may seem like everything is fine, but double-check the stuffing inside the pillow. Make sure none of that water seeped into the interior of the pillow. You must air out the stuffing of the pillow before closing the case up again because anything damp on the inside won't get enough air to dry out properly. That can lead to mildew and mold, and to one musty-smelling pillow.

Certain patterns may hide water and other damage; for example, a little water damage might not be visible on a leather pillow with a camouflage pattern while it might be very visible on a pillow with a solid color. However, that also means that damage might escape your notice, too. It's best to be very careful with leather pillows and take a good look at them occasionally to spot damage or dirt you may have missed.

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15 September 2020

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