Concerned About Gas Mileage? Consider These Things When You Buy A Rooftop Tent

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If you're excited to buy a tent that you'll mount to the rooftop of your vehicle and use on all sorts of camping adventures in the coming years, you'll have several things to think about. With so many rooftop tents on the market, you can browse all sorts of models until you find the one that will best suit your camping needs. One thing that is often on the minds of those who enjoy traveling is the cost of gas — and, specifically, getting the best fuel mileage possible during travel. If gas mileage is on your mind, here are some things to consider when you shop for a vehicle rooftop tent.

Tent Weight

The more weight that you carry in your vehicle, the worse gas mileage you'll get. While it's always a good idea to remove unneeded items from your vehicle before you take a long trip, you need to think about the weight that your rooftop tent is adding. It's easy to identify the weight in any model that you consider, as this information will be displayed on the packaging. In general, you can expect that hard-sided tents will weigh considerably more than their soft-sided counterparts. While hard-sided models offer lots of benefits, you might favor a softer tent if you're thinking about gas mileage.

Tent Profile

When you look at different rooftop tents for your vehicle, you'll often see models that are identified as being "low profile." This means that when they're in a closed position during travel, they aren't very tall. A low-profile tent will create less drag when you're driving, which will have a positive impact on your gas mileage. Keep in mind that a low-profile tent isn't necessarily smaller when you set it up; many tents with this feature can still be extremely spacious to use.

Tent Position

The position of the tent during travel can also influence the gas mileage that you get. If you own a pickup truck and a car, you might lean toward buying a rooftop tent for the former vehicle. Many tents that are designed for trucks sit fully or partially in the bed of the truck when they're in the closed position. This, of course, means that they don't stick up as much above the roof and create wind resistance that affects your gas mileage. Visit a vehicle rooftop tent supplier to browse a number of models and note which will be the best product for your adventures.


2 August 2021

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