Questions and Answers to Review before Buying Quartz Counters

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Counters are one of the key features of a kitchen, which means it's worth your while to consider your choices carefully before buying them. One of the counter options that your kitchen remodeling team might suggest is quartz. Reviewing the following questions and answers about quartz will help you determine whether this is the best counter material for your needs.

What is quartz?

People often assume quartz is a type of stone, and it is. However, quartz counters are not made from slabs of stone in the same way granite counters are made from slabs of granite. Instead, quartz counters are an aggregate of stone constructed by humans. In other words, companies take ground up stone and chunks of stone and mix them together with a resin matrix. This gives the manufacturer of quartz counters control over how the counters look, which is why there's more variety in quartz counters than there is in granite or marble counters.

Is quartz heat and water-resistant?

Yes. The stone itself, and also the resin used to make quartz counters, is heat-resistant. You therefore don't need to use hot pads on this type of counter. This resin is also non-porous, which means if you spill something on quartz counters, it will not stain or penetrate the surface. You can wash an clean quartz counters with water and mild cleaners without worry.

How durable are quartz counters?

These counters are just about as durable as any single-slab stone counter. They won't chip or peel like laminate or solid-surface counters. If you drop a glass or a plate on them, the glass or plate is more likely than the quartz to break. It is possible to chip a quartz counter if you were to bang into it with a large appliance or bring a sledge hammer down on it, but damage is unlikely with standard, everyday use.

Does quartz cost less than granite?

Granite is often seen as the premier countertop option, and so people tend to compare other counters to it. The good news is that quartz does tend to cost significantly less than granite, while having a lot of the same benefits. Costs vary by region, however, so make sure you get quotes from a company near you.

Quartz countertops are a great choice for most people who want a durable, attractive, affordable counter material. Take a look at some of the colors and patterns available, and pick one that you love.


14 January 2022

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