Three Questions You Should Ask Your Gutter Installation Company

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If you are sick of having your old gutters not work properly and pouring water down the sides of your house or through rusty holes in the underside of the gutters themselves, then you are probably considering getting new and updated versions installed. This is a good idea, and a great way to stop the problem from getting even worse as time goes by. However, it is important that when you install new gutters that they will outperform your current ones. To do that you should ask your gutter company a few questions to ensure that what you are getting will stand up to the harsh weather many parts of America face every day.  

Does It Come With A Cover?

Gutter covers or gutter grates are very important additions that prevent blockages from building up in your gutters. They allow rain to flow through perfectly while stopping sticks and leaves. They also stop leaves and twigs from remaining in your gutters when it has stopped raining and becoming kindling during wildfire season, thereby preventing a fire hazard. If your gutter does not come with a gutter cover or grate, then ask your gutter company if they can add their own, as many will sell this as an additional feature and it is absolutely worth the price.

How Seamless Is It?

You should want to have a gutter that is as seamless as possible. Some gutter companies offer custom-made gutters that are built out of single pieces of material so there are virtually no cracks or edges for twigs and leaves to get trapped in. It also means there are far fewer weak points that can deteriorate over time. Even if you can't get a gutter made out of a single piece of metal, you should prioritize gutters that have as few joints and pieces as possible, and you should ask your gutter contractor about which one they recommend. 

What Is The Maintenance Schedule Of These Gutters?

All gutters need some kind of care, but many people simply do not realize that and forget about them once they are installed. Even if that maintenance is just a yearly check-up of all the different materials to ensure no part is exposed or rusting too soon, or just removing all the built-up blockages and minor issues that have grown over time, it can still add years of life to your gutters. Being prepared and pragmatic as a gutter owner is how you stop your home from damage and you should always ask the contractor who installs your gutters how often they think you should have them inspected and maintained by a professional. 

Contact a local gutter installation company to learn more.


16 November 2022

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