Protect Leather Throw Pillows From Water and Other Liquids

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A leather couch with leather-covered throw pillows looks elegant, but it can get dirty just like any other material. Leather is not that hard to clean, but the cleaning methods you have to use are definitely different from those you'd use on cloth. The biggest issue is that leather and water (or other liquids) really don't mix, which means that if you have to clean up a spill on that leather, you have to be very careful.

15 September 2020

Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Window Drapes

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The right window treatments make a room more attractive while also increasing your comfort in the space. The following five tips will ensure that you pick the best drapes for your home. 1. Choose the Right Length Overly long or short drapes can look odd in a room. As a general rule, drapes should reach nearly to the ground, but they shouldn't pool on the ground, as this makes it difficult to open and close them.

17 June 2020